We Went To The Wiggles!!

For Coleby’s 9th Birthday this year, he got tickets to the Wiggles and to Disney On Ice: Frozen.

Today it was Wiggles time!

He was so excited!

So this was a massive step for us both…

I used to stay home a lot. Never went anywhere with Coleby. If I was invited anywhere I would make up excuses so I didn’t have to go to Birthday parties, the park, friends houses for play dates, friends dinner parties/BBQs. Whatever the event, I would not go.

I was wrong!

I was holding Coleby back!

I was self fish!

All because I didn’t want to take Coleby somewhere where he was looked at as being different or I would be judged as a parent who wasn’t coping or because I didn’t want to explain to everyone including random strangers ‘what was wrong with my son’.

It’s hard to realize that you as his mother are actually the one that is treating Coleby different and holding him back from being an everyday kid!

 This was up until Coleby was about 3…

A friend of mine asked me and Coleby to go to the park with her and her son. As usual, I made up some random excuse as to why we couldn’t go.

I could hear a change in her voice. It was more of an attitude like ‘whatever’.

About 15-20 mins later there was a knock on the door.

It was my friend and her little boy.

She and her son had come over to see what was really going on. She said ‘if you won’t come to the park we will come to you’.

Our boys were about 2 years a part. Coleby had only been walking for about 8 or 9 months, he couldn’t ride a bike or a scooter, he wasn’t interested in any TV shows or movies, he basically just sat there playing with his baby toys such as a rattle and a set of keys.

The difference between our kids was very noticeable!

My friend again suggested we go to the park. I couldn’t say anything but ‘not today’.

Did she keep pushing me for a reason as to why?

Finally, she broke me…..

Because look at us!

We aren’t like you!

My kid isn’t like yours!

My kid can’t do anything like yours!

Coleby cries all the time!

I don’t want to be stared at!

I can’t go anywhere!

By this time I am a crying mess!

She said ‘you can’t hide forever’ You are doing a great job. I don’t know how you are doing it but you are. Coleby is perfect in every way! You have never worried about what other people have thought before so why now!

To which I replied ‘because I am protecting him’

My friend cried with me… we talked a lot, about everything. It was good to be able to talk to someone about how I felt and not be worried about what she thought or worried that I am losing it and not coping…

At this point, our attention was drawn to the lounge room…

To the magical sound of a child’s laughter!

Coleby was cracking up laughing! My friend’s son was pretending to be a car and making a car noise. Coleby thought it was hilarious!

That is when I knew that I was making a mistake and holding Coleby back.

From that point on… 

I never said ‘No’ to anything that we were invited to or anything I wanted to take him to!

From birthday parties to Tupper ware parties and dinners to market days.

We went to all of it!


So after 6 years of….

attending events with my son and socializing him around different groups of people! Today we went to the Wiggles!

I don’t care that he was probably the only 9-year-old there amongst hundreds of little kids!

He was so excited!

He lined up!

He sat down!

He waited!

He sang his little heart out!

He danced like no one was watching!

And the best thing ever….

He smiled and had the time of his life!!

That makes me so happy and I loved sharing this with him.

So please don’t ever be scared to take your child with special needs to anything. Kids are Kids. They really don’t know anything is different unless you as an adult treat them different,

Kids that tease special needs children are just kids that haven’t been exposed to anything different and are the ones missing out on meeting kids with big personalities and even bigger hearts!

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  1. Such a wonderful story about your son Coleby and how you broke away from your fears. Well done and hats off to your friend for persisting with you. Actually, you have done this for yourself as well. Good on you, keep it up and the best to you both for all the new adventures you will both have ahead. Marvelous!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words!

      It felt good to write about our journey and hopefully it can help someone going through the same issues!

      Regards Hailey

  2. Thank you for sharing your story in such an open, honest and sensitive way. I have no doubt that it will touch many hearts and will help all who read it to re-evaluate themselves. For parents and care-givers of special needs children, I’m sure it will give them the courage and desire to proudly experience all the world has to offer. For those of us who have not been blessed with a special needs family member, I have no doubt we have learned something here about the way we make others feel and how we can support others who are caring for special needs. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my page and taking the time to read about my son and our journey.

      I am dedicating my site to sharing our story and progress with others that may be going through the same thing to show them support.

      That is also a good point, those who have not been blessed with a special needs family member will also be opened up to the world they don’t have much experience in.

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I wish you all the best too!


  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I think you gave an important message for not only parents with children with special needs, but all parents. We think we are protecting our children from all the horrible things out there, but sometimes our fears hold them back from experiencing all the wonderful things the world had to offer.

    • Thank you for visiting my site!

      That is exactly right. But we need to allow our children to experience situations. Yes some situations are horrible and may hurt their feelings in some way but at least they have had the chance to try new things.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Regards Hailey

  4. You are so brave and I love your site . I have a niece with special needs and I love her to the moon and back too. You are so brave to set up this site and talk about your life. I am not a parent but you are a wonderful person and parent too !! keep up the good work take care.

    • Thanks so much for visiting my site and for your kind words!

      Kids are beautiful! (well most of the time) Kids with special needs just have these huge personalities! I am sure your niece knows how to light up a room! I have dedicated my site to sharing my story and encouraging others to share theirs! I am hoping to be able to help and support people through hard times and be there for the good moments.

      Be sure to pass my site onto your family members should they want any assistance, I am here to help!

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