ABC Reading Eggs Review – Reading Program For Children Aged 3 – 7 Years

Product: ABC Reading Eggs

Price: Varied Prices But Great Value!

Special Deals: Book Packs Come With A 14 Day Subscription To Try Reading Eggs Online

Type Of Product: Online Lessons, Book Packs, CD Rom Packs, Activity Books and Flash Cards

Recommended Ages: 3 – 7 years

My Rating: 9 out of 10

ABC Reading Eggs Product Review.

ABC Reading Eggs is a reading program for children aged 3 – 7 years old. It is an absolute perfect program for children learning to read and children learning to expand their reading!

ABC Reading Eggs has a huge range including book packs, activity book packs, flash cards and CD Rom packs!

Reading Eggs products cover the basics for learning to read. These include the learning of phonics, spelling, sight words, writing and much more!

What Is Available In the Reading Eggs Range?

Reading Eggs Online Lessons

Reading Eggs is available online. There are 40 lessons for those children starting out learning how to read. These 40 lessons, cover the basics of learning to read. These lessons cover the alphabet, letters, sounds as well as first words.

After your child develops the basic skills needed to begin to read, they can move on to the next level. This level covers another 40 lessons and is aimed at children beginning to read.

Reading Eggs Book Packs

There are 8 Reading Eggs Book Packs available in total!

Reading Eggs Book Pack contains 10 Books, a mini poster, stickers to encourage your child through the process, a parent help guide and a FREE 14 Day subscription to Reading Eggs Online.

I love Reading Eggs book packs! My son started Kindergarten this year and I purchased these book packs to help him to begin to read! They are excellent! He picked up the alphabet, sounds, first words and reading skills so well!

Reading Eggs Starting Out Book Packs

The Reading Eggs Starting Out Level are for beginning readers at pre-school/kindergarten and your child requires no prior reading knowledge. There are four packs in this level. The Reading Eggs Starting Out Book Packs will start your young reader off on their amazing journey of learning foundation skills needed to learn how to read including the alphabet, letters and sounds, first words and short vowels.

The Reading Eggs Book Pack Books have large letters and really well-presented pictures! The letter in focus is in bold print which makes the learning of the sound so easy!

These books are absolutely AMAZING!

Reading Eggs Starting Out Book Pack 1

Starting Out Level 1 - Pack 4 (Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Starting Out Book Pack 2
Starting Out - Pack 2 (ABC Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Starting Out Book Pack 3
Starting Out Level 1 - Pack 3 (Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Starting Out Book Pack 4
Starting Out Level 1 - Pack 4 (Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Book Packs

After the Starting Out Level Book Packs, the next level is Beginning To Read! There are four packs in this level. The Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Book Packs will take your child on an amazing journey of continuing to learn to read!

In the Beginning To Read Book Packs, your child will learn to read simple sentences. These book packs encourage your child’s fluency with reading and they will learn more and more sight words! The Beginning To Read Book Packs also help to build their phonics skills!

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Book 5

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Book 6
Beginning to Read Level 2 - Pack 6 (ABC Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Book 7
Beginning to Read Level 2 - Pack 7 (ABC Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Book 8
Beginning to Read Level 2 - Pack 8 (ABC Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Flash Cards

Reading Eggs Starting Out Alphabet Flash Cards

Reading Eggs Starting Out Flash cards provide a positive and fun experience for your child to learn the alphabet! With the flash cards, comes 7 games that help children to recognize each letter and the sounds they make!

Children can also play matching games! These are a great learning resource for children first starting out with reading!

Reading Eggs Starting Out Alphabet Flash Cards
Starting Out - Alphabet Flashcards (ABC Reading Eggs)

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Flash Cards

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Flash Cards are an amazing way for your child to practice and develop their reading and phonics skills! These Flash cards also help with learning first words and spelling!

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Flash Cards come with a variety of games that help develop learning to read these include sight words and simple sentences! These games provide a fun and positive experience for your child to begin to read!

Reading Eggs Beginning To Read Flash Cards


Reading Eggs Products Are Awesome!

I have been using Reading Eggs Book Packs for about 12 months now! My boys absolutely love it!

I find that my middle son is 5 years old and is progressing a lot better at school! He is becoming a very confident reader, know his sounds and his letters! My son is even starting to sound out unfamiliar words and putting sounds together to make words! I just got his school report and I am over the moon with it!

Feel free to leave a comment about your experience with ABC Reading Eggs or if you have any questions please comment below! I would be happy to hear from you!

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  1. Hey!

    I don’t have kids and i don’t plan on having anytime soon but I had always imaged when I have , they’d have the best learning tools and learning experiences and this would definitely be on the list of stuff they NEED! I think it very educational and easy to follow and your review is very helpful for those looking for the best for they’re kids.

    • Hey

      Thanks for visiting my page!

      That is an excellent plan to have! Just knowing what products are available is a great start in helping your child through their educational journey!

      Thanks again for stopping by! 

      Regards Hailey 

  2. These reading eggs do sound awesome. I don’t have little ones just yet but I have plenty of family who have children. I will be recommending them these great products and directing them to your page so they can see it for themselves. Also I will use them as gifts with the ones I like the most!
    Thank you for your great article

    • Hey there

      Thanks for visiting my site!

      They are great resources to have and my kid absolutely love the Books! These would be a great idea for gifts!

      Thanks again for stopping by 


  3. Well now I’m going to order reading eggs. I have a 4-1/2 year old with an intellectual disability. The secondary diagnoses are speech and language articulation. He is in special classes and also receives additional speech and language therapies, as well as occupational therapy. He just recently became interested in the alphabet and the little he does talk is all based on phonics. I think he may not be quite ready for this, but you never know. I just purchased a one year subscription to ABC Mouse this morning and he is very interested in it. My problem is I don’t particularly care for him having so much screen time. But that seems to be the most efficient way to keep them focused long enough to absorb the material. Thank you for this review. I am sold.

    • Hey Carole

      I have a 9 year old son with developmental delay, autism, cerebral palsy and low vision. So I know what you mean.

      My son loves the flash cards. The books he does look at but he prefers the flash cards because we can play games.

      You should try this song with your son it’s called phonics song 2. You will find it on YouTube.  

      Coleby absolutely loves this song and it improved his language. Music and other learning songs helped his language along!

      Good luck and best wishes to you and your family! Thanks so much for sharing!

      Be sure to stop by regularly I would love to keep in contact with you

      Regards Hailey 

  4. I love your website!! I was a nanny to a little girl for 5 years and then was a “teacher” at a daycare for 8-12 month old’s and would have loved to have something like this to use…

    I really like the way you incorporate your own personal story into it. You are a very inspirational mom and I can tell you love all your boys with all your heart.

    I wish you had more content under your sensory title but other than that it is a great website.

    Best of luck to you and your boys

    • Hey Nan 

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and for your very kind words!

      Reading Eggs is a amazing program and I am so happy that I have discovered it to use with my children!

      My site is only new so new pages are being added all the time. I have lots to go under the sensory heading so stay tuned!

      Thanks again for stopping by 

      Regards Hailey 

  5. Wow!! This is exciting to see.

    My grandson just finished kindergarten and not gonna lie his reading so far isnt that great. I know people are going to say its just kindergarten, give him a break.

    Well its not the reading Im so worried about but rather the attention. Very short attention span he has. Maybe something like this will also help with that.

    I am for sure going to look into this more.

    Thank you for the great help and potentially solving a problem.

    • Hey there

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Kindergarten is important. It’s the foundation for learning how to read and simple sentence construction. I love the book packs. My kids use these they have big letters and bright pictures!

      On my site I have a section on fidgets. Have you tried these with your grandson? Sometimes using a fidget can help to maintain concentration on other tasks.

      Thanks again for showing interest.



  6. Would have been good to have come across this when my kids were younger (they’re 12 now – triplets). Seems like an excellent resource and I’m sure two of them (the other one’s a smarty pants who takes after her (modest) father lol) would have benefited.

    They’re on their summer break just now with 51/2 weeks to go and they’ve got another 2 weeks of freedom before I start with the homework in order to get them ready for going back to school so I’m on the lookout for resources for their age range 🙂

    • Hey Del

      Thanks for visiting my page!

      Wow! Triplets! There is 3 years gap between each of my kids and that was hard enough, but to have 3 at once! I take my hat off to you!

      There are a lot of different programs out there, I haven’t come across anything in their age group. Not saying there isn’t anything, I just have younger children so I am always looking for their age groups.

      You could always give them a topic for them to create their own project on? That way they are learning, researching and being crafty all at once.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Good luck and Best wishes to your family!



  7. A wonderful sounding product. I wish I had known about it three years ago. Our youngest grandson (now 15 years old), is a problem reader. Through the years, teachers have tried to help him learn to read properly with no success. It’s not that he can’t learn it, it’s that he has no interest in reading. When they were here visiting for the summer 3 years ago, In my spare time I tried to get him interested with some of my favorite books from childhood.No interest.
    We began playing one of my favorite Nintendo Games on the Wii. One of the Zelda series which provides written hints on where to go next. Immediate attention to the game. I helped him through the first several stages of the game, then made him read everything himself to continue. It was slow going, but his sight knowledge and understanding of concepts increased as the summer went on.
    The program you reviewed seems geared to grabbing attention and making reading fun and entertaining, Good stuff.

    • Hi Ron

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your story!

      It is hard these days, especially with the technology that is available for our kids. Makes learning the old fashion way a bit harder!

      It is great that you found a way to help your grandson by using a video game to work on reading skills! 

      Maybe you could encourage him to read magazines that he is interested in or maybe a book about his favorite movie or show? There are also books available for tablets and E Readers so that could be another way to incorporate technology and make it interesting.

      If only he was younger because would of been perfect!

      Thanks again for your comment!



  8. Very very interesting review. Indeed, children today need to have the best educational tools in a very competitive society.

    I don’t have kids myself, but I would like to ask whether you would recommend this program for kids that learn English as a second language.

    Also, I would like to ask whether this program is available for languages other than English.

    • Hey Marios

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes indeed! Children need the best learning tools to be able to build strong foundations for future learning!

      I would recommend this program because it is starting at the very beginning. Learning letters and sounds. This is what is needed to speak and read well. 

      I have only seen this program available in English so far. 

      Thanks again for stopping by



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