How To Make Your Own Tempera Paint

My son has autism and is very tactile defensive. This means that he can be very reluctant to touch anything with a different texture. This can be very distressing for him at times.

I find that making things at home is a great way to prepare him for activities and he is involved in the whole process. This takes the stress out of the activity for him and also for me. Each time we make something new, he may not touch it straight away but it is a work in progress. Coleby goes a little further each time and we are happy with that!

I find that making tempera paint with him also prepares him mentally for the activity at the end. Instead of just grabbing his hand and sticking it in something that is cold and wet, he is actually involved in making the paint and is aware that it is safe, it will not hurt him and it was a fun, interactive experience for him. Its all about interacting and then being able to build trust so that the activity can be toilerated!

Homemade Tempera Paint

What do you need?

  • Eggs
  • Food Coloring
  • Disposable Forks (I find this easier)
  • Storage Containers or Jars

Now what?

  1. First separate one yolk from the white for every color you want to make.
  2. Place the yolks in separate containers.
  3. Dispose of egg whites and shells
  4. Add desired food coloring to each yolk. (We tend to use about a teaspoon of coloring)
  5. Make sure to mix well with a disposable fork
  6. Have Fun Painting!

Please note: If your child has allergies to egg please do not use. If your child has food fussiness it is a good idea to get them to paint with and interact with food. Make stamps from potatoes, paint brushes from carrot or celery sticks etc. Use your imagination and have fun!