Calming Techniques For Children

Calming techniques for children are any method, process, procedure, routine or activity, which can help your child to relax, reduce anxiety, stress, and anger.

These calming techniques for children, aim to cut the effects of stress and anxiety and promote stable behavior!

Calming Techniques For Children

I have devised the following list of calming techniques for children!

These are only a guide of things that you can try. Not all children are the same so if these are not working for you and your child, you have not failed just keep trying until you find what works for your and your child!

Most of these techniques are distraction strategies. This means they can be used to redirect behavior constructively and therefore reduce the anxiety, stress, and pain that your child may be experiencing!

Complete a puzzle – Puzzles are always a great idea on a rainy day for children. But even better for a child who is experiencing anxiety and stress. These can be put in a quiet area, allowing your child to go to the area that they feel safe and secure in and concentrate on the puzzle.

Use a fidget – There are so many fidget options available, from fidget spinners to cubes, to twist-able objects and even home made fidgets! Fidgets are designed to help with focus, attention, calming, listening, the ability to sit for an extended period and can also be a distraction to try to calm and soothe a child or adult.

Chew on a chew toy – Chewing on a chew toy can help relieve anxiety and calm your child down. These can be bracelets, necklaces, pencils, chew tubes etc. These are relatively inexpensive and can also help with food aversions!

Blow bubbles – Bubbles your know your self is not an over exerting activity. It is always a calm environment with bubbles. Most children, whether special needs or not are amazed at bubbles. Blowing bubbles a really simple activity that can promote a really calm and stress-free environment.

Wear a weighted vest – these days these weighted vests are becoming more and more trendy! Which is good if your child needs one as they can fit into an everyday outfit without looking out of place. These are basically vests with weights inside the vest. The weighted vests can be used for calming or to help your child focus on the task at hand! the weighted vests can be used to calm those children down who are seeking hugs and compression!

Wear noise reducing ear muffs – Ear muffs are becoming more and more common in children who have sensitivities to noise! There are quite a few different ones out that are quite trendy! Basically, pop these on your child and it blocks out the noise so that your child calms down or remains calm!

Diffuse essential oils – Now I am relatively new to the world of essential oils. In saying that I have started using do-Terra essential oils! I am pretty amazed at a number of uses that essential oils have. I have started to use do Terra Essential Oil’s Serenity! This essential oil is a restful blend that promotes calming and has a very relaxing aroma to it! This can be diffused, applied topically or inhaled! Blowing bubbles great to have in the background of an afternoon for those children who are hard to calm down at bed time!

Listen to music – Music can be used as a great calming technique. If your child has a favorite song or even just the radio or calming sounds, you can put this on when you start to see the anxious behavior. Just adding music can change the whole environment and help to prevent anxiety and stressful behavior. Think about how sometimes, when you are home alone, if it is dead silent your mind starts wondering and you hear sounds that can produce anxiety! Just have background noise provides a perfect solution to reducing anxiety! I do this with my son. He loves music and I find that when he comes home from school all pumped up, this can help to calm him down!

Lay on a ball – Laying on an exercise ball is quite calming. It is also great for those sensory seeking children that need a movement to calm down! Can have the same calming effects as a massage!

Sing ABCs – Again, singing can have the same calming effects as music! I sing with my son a lot. Especially during those times that we are getting blood tests and other things that he hates. It provides a distraction to what is really happening. This helps to get us through!

Build with blocks – Building with blocks can be used as a distraction activity! This means that your child focuses their attention on building with blocks and this allows them to be distracted in order to calm down!

Use a sensory swing – Sensory swings can be used to apply pressure and a calming effect! The swings are generally like a tent that swings but they are tight around your child! My son has these in his classroom, so if he is not reacting the way he should be he can go to these swings and calm down!

Paint – Painting a picture is a great calming technique! Although, it is not always available! Painting a picture can help redirect behavior and calm your child down. This again is a great distraction activity to allow your child to return to a mellow state!

Count – Counting is great for both children and adults! I work in aged care and disability industry and I use this calming technique quite a lot for clients with anxiety. By counting slowly it slows your breathing and the focus is turned to counting!

Deep breathing – As with counting, deep breathing again lets your child control their breathing and taking deep breaths allows your child to slow their breathing down and therefore calm down.

Pop bubble wrap – Popping bubble wrap is fun! Even as an adult, I can’t help myself! The pressure needed to make the popping sound is redirected pressure and an output, especially for angry behavior!

Play with play dough – Play dough can be a great calming activity! You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to allow a calming aroma while playing with it! Play dough is a great way to calm a child, as they can squeeze, tear, shape, squash etc the play dough and it can help to relieve pressure and calm your child down!

Use a spinning top – My son loves his spinning top! He will watch it go round and round. If you look at his eyes when he is playing with his spinning top he looks zoned out and that nothing else matters. He always calms down when using the spinning top! My sons spinning top has lights and he would concentrate forever I think!

These are just a few of the calming techniques that can be used to help calm your child or yourself down! I hope that I have given you some useful ideas that may work for you! I know that most of these I have tried and do have great effects on my child!

I hope that I have given you some useful ideas that may work for you! I know that most of these I have tried and do have great effects on my child! Have you used any others? Share your comment below! I would love to hear from you and maybe your suggestions are exactly what someone else is looking for!

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  1. These are all great ideas. I’m 20 and I still love blowing bubbles! I might have to take that up again…
    I also really like the weighted vest idea. I can see how that could provide a grounded calm since it gives you that feeling of a hug while keeping you present. Really good read! Thank you.



    • Hi Helen

      Thanks for your comment!

      Lol blowing bubbles is awesome! It is so relaxing no matter what age you are!

      There are so many types of weighted vests with different colors and patterns and even styles now! But they have great therapeutic aspects which is what I like!



  2. These are some good ideas to use for calming down children, but there’s one in particular that I would avoid using – fidget.

    I have seen kids that were obsessed with it and it bothers me because it’s more like an addiction. They would rather ‘fidget around’ than socializing. That’s not right.

    Also on the news yesterday, one boy’s finger got caught in a fidget spinner and the firemen had to be called to solve the problem. I much prefer other conventional method like painting and listening to music.

    • Hi Cathy

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      I agree with you to an extent about the fidgets! At the moment there is a big craze with fidget spinners. I believe that these are now categorized as a toy rather then a therapy device. I think that these should only be used as a therapy item. My son has about 3 and it is only used when he needs it rather then on hand every second.

      Thanks again for stopping by!



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