Being A Mother Of 3 Boys!

So I have 3 boys! 3 sons! No daughters! Yes sometimes I wish I had a daughter, other times I listen to my friends talk about their daughters and I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have one!

Being a mother of boys is a challenge that is for sure! Sometimes I feel as though I am more of a wrestling referee then a mother!

Then there is all the Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Avengers, Lego etc that I am expected to keep up with. All these things by the way as a girl I had no interest in and now all of a sudden I am expected to know all of it. And god forbid! I don’t know who my 5 year old is talking about lol!

So at 3am this morning I got up as I normally do to give my eldest son his injection. Now this went all good. I turned around to exit there room which the 3 boys share!

Suddenly, I felt a tremendous amount of pain in my foot! Did I scream? No! I couldn’t wake them all up! That would be worse then the pain in my foot!

What happened you ask?

I stepped on this tiny little tractor!

Lego, cars, action men and rocks are the things I step on most! But this little tractor with its pointy little bits totally takes the cake!

Oh and to top it off. This morning while the boys are eating breakfast. I asked them who owns this little tractor to which they replied “Its not ours!”

Lol so I will leave you with this picture! That basically sums up what it is like to have boys!

Do you have a house full of boys? Or a house full of girls? Share your funny stories below!

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