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Price: $7.99 US a month

Special Deals: Get 2 Months of for only $5!

Type Of Product: Subscription of Online Educational Learning and Games

CompatibilityPC. Tablet or Smart Phone

My Rating: 7 out of 10 Product Review. is an award winning, early education learning academy!

It offers a full online curriculum for children ages 3-8 years old!

Children are able to learn anytime. is available to use on any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone!

The curriculum is delivered by a step by step learning path. Your child will have access to 8 levels with over 650 lessons and more than 7000 Individual Learning Activities.

As your child completes each lesson, they are guided to the next one! You child will be motivated to continue learning through the’s Tickets and Reward System!

What Curriculum Does Cover? covers the following areas:

Free Preschool Games OnlineReading’s reading curriculum incorporates very early reading, from learning the names of each letter and the sounds they make! This helps your child learn to read, starting with books with a few words on a page and progressing gradually to advanced texts and much longer books. Your child will have access to around 450 books!

The curriculum for first grade also includes writing and language skills!

Math’s math curriculum teaches numbers, addition, and subtraction, shapes, patterns, the use of measurements and much more! The games and online activities make learning fun! It also allows them to practice these skills and build a strong foundation to build on!

Science and Social Studies’s science and social studies curriculum teaches your child to understand more about the world they live in. It includes the body and health, plants and animals, weather, maps, the solar system and many more areas!

Art and Colors’s art and colors curriculum give all children the opportunity to use lines, shapes, and colors to create art works! Games, books, paint by number etc are activities used to engage your child and teach them about colors!

Activities’s curriculum uses hundreds and hundreds of entertaining activities. Each activity covers a specific learning topic!

Games features fun and interactive games that engage your child and are designed to teach a specific learning topic! Your child can play games that teach them about certain topics such as learning the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers etc. The games have voice instructions which make it easy for younger children to know what to do!

Can I Track My Child’s Progress?

Yes, you can! has a great feature that allows you to see how much progress your child is making!

How Can I Reward My Child? motivates and encourages your child to complete activities by rewarding them! The tickets that your child earns can be used to ‘buy’ virtual items for their classroom!

The tickets and reward system makes learning a game! it also makes it fun because your child can set goals and work towards these goals!

Conclusion! Is A Great Learning Platform!

Whether you are a parent, grandparent or caregiver for a child, you were there from the beginning! From the first smile to the first words and even the first steps! You have seen it all! Watched your child reach these milestones! You were there to encourage and support your child along the way!

Now it is time to make the first move with their education!

I believe, is a great online interactive learning platform that fosters your child’s education! This helps to give your child the best possible start to their educational life! It is also a great activity that you can do together!

Currently, there is a promotion on where you can get 2 months for $5US. There is no lock in contracts. You can cancel anytime! But for $5, I think this will give you and your child the best opportunity to try this learning platform and see if it is what you are looking for, for you and your child!

Get 2 Months of for only $5!

I have been using for about 3 months now! My boys absolutely love it! They are all on different levels and I find that they are progressing a lot better at school! My 5-year-old began school this year and I found that he was well prepared when he started but made learning fun and interactive which made a lot more things sink in with him! I just got his school report and I am over the moon with it!

My 3-year-old is just beginning with I found in the last couple of weeks his language has improved so much! He was a little behind in language development but now he is catching up!

Feel free to leave a comment about your experience with or any questions that you may have below! I would be happy to hear from you!

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  1. My son loves ABC Mouse. We have had the program for a couple of years. He enjoys playing all of the games and activities so much I don’t think he realizes he is actually learning. I like the incentive with the tickets. It gives him motivation to do different activities because he can use them to buy virtual prizes.

    • Hi Shelly

      Thanks for stopping by!

      My kids love it too! The games are so great and keep them entertained for a long time! My youngest son was a bit delayed with his speech but I am finding since he has been using ABCMouse he has come a long way!

      My kids also love the tickets! they love saving and buying things for the classroom.

      I just love the fact that the price is great for what you actually get! I feel like I am making a real difference in their education by using ABCMouse to give them the best possible start>

      Thanks again for stopping by! 



  2. Hi Hailey!

    My little daughter is almost 18 months and we have a boy on the way and they will both be homeschooled.

    This kind of program looks like something we will be interested in sometime in the near future to supplement their learning and keep them occupied when we can’t take field trips.

    I really like the feature that allows parents to track the kids’ progress. Looking forward to checking this out!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Mike Jay

    • Hey Mike Jay

      Congratulations on your soon to be born little boy! 18 months is a great age! They are so curious and starting to do a lot! 

      It is a great program! I am sure that it will supplement their learning great! I know with my boys they have improved a lot since starting this program. Especially my nearly 3 year old. 

      It is worth looking at!

      Thanks for visiting my page!



  3. I may not have kids (yet) but I can appreciate a program which combines technology and innovative learning. It is inevitable that our kids will surpass us at technological knowledge. I just hate the fact that these kind of programs are not advertised and used by our educational system.
    Great article and I hope more and more parents see your website for their kids!

    • Hey John

      Yes as a parent, this type of technology I am OK with because my child is actually benefiting from it. Rather then, them say watching TV or playing games on their iPad that don’t teach them anything. 

      I live in Australia and I joined about 3 months ago after seeing it on a TV Commercial. It had a 30 day free trial so I signed up. And for what it costs and what the kids get from it. It is well worth it.

      There are schools that do use this program! And I think as it becomes more popular it will be integrated more!

      Thanks very much I hope to be able to help more and more parents!



  4. ABCMouse sounds like a wonderful educational program for kids ages 3 to 8…! I wish they had this when my son was young, but I will show this to my neighbor who has small kids! This can easily enhance a kindergarten curriculum and can give a young child a head start before they begin school! Love it!

    • Hi Amy

      This program is EXCELLENT! We absolutely love it!

      My kids have improved so much since we started using this about 3 months ago!

      It can definitely enhance their learning and give them the best possible start to life!

      Education is so important these days to be able to basically survive in a ever changing world! And for the price and what your kids get from it, what better way to give them the best start!

      Thanks for stopping by!



  5. Hi Hailey,

    This sounds like a great learning program. I have a 3-year-old grandson which I would have loved to subscribe this educational academy. Technology today makes it easy for parents to access educational programs for their children making learning fun and available at any time. The promotion of $5 for 2 months is a great offer.

    My question is if you want to subscribe this program as a gift to your grandson who lives in another state, how would you go about doing that? I will share this website with my son to let him about this awesome program.

    Thank you for sharing this review.

    • Hey Rosa

      Yes this is a great learning program! My kids absolutely love it and I am sure that your grandson will love it too!

      A gift for your grandson, what a lovely idea! And a great investment in his educational future! So sign up is an easy process! So once you are on the sign up page, you enter your details as you will be the account holder because basically you are the one responsible for payment. You will create an account that will have an email address and a password. The child is added to the account also. So once you sign up, you really only need to pass on the details of the log ins and the emails you receive to your son, so he can mange your grandsons account!

      It does sound tricky but really is easy!

      Thanks again for stopping by!



  6. Hey Hailey,

    I have a kid and wanted to make use of the program to gear up his learning skills before I make things really serious for him.

    I was wondering if the program is created in levels, it means you have to pay each month for each level. Right? So, how long would it take to complete the whole program and get it right for an average kid?

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for stopping by!

      So there is 8 levels! Level 1 and 2 is for Preschool age 3+, Level 3 and 4 is for Pre Kindergarten age 4+, Level 5 and 6 is Kindergarten age 5+, Level 7 and 8 is First Grade age 6+. They have also started a Grade 2.

      My middle son is 5. He started at Level 3 just so I knew he had the basics down so he could move on and understand the content.

      So you pay by the month for the program. It’s not a fast paced try and rush through program. I find it better for my kids to stay in their age group levels and move on when it’s time. We have had it about 3 months and I plan on keeping it until my youngest is 7 so another 4 years.

      I hope that answers your questions! Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you take the opportunity of giving this program ago.



  7. Hi! Hailey, great review, informative and genuine. I have a similar website that I built for my brother Adrain, who has autism. definingautism(dot)com Having a family connection to the topic you are covering can be a powerful way of grabbing someones attention. If you require any customized animated GIFs for your website please let me know. I would be happy to design one for you for free gifhacks(dot)com

    • Hey Mark

      Thanks for visiting my site!

      I think building these sites with such a great insight helps so many others! And being able to offer help and possible solutions is something that I am happy to do!

      I will check out your site! Sounds interesting! I am always up for reading more and learning more!

      And yes that would be great. I will contact you and organise something. I am just starting out so all this world is new to me!

      Thanks again for stopping by!



  8. I love this!
    I have a 6 year old who was born 3 months prem and instead of being one of the oldest in his class as he would have been if born on time, he is one of the youngest. He has struggled and it was a real thrill to see him writing his name when most of his class mates were already writing sentences.
    I think a program like this would really benefit him because it makes learning fun and at home he will not have the other children to compare himself to.
    I am from the UK so I will have to look into finding something that fits with the curriculum over here but am so grateful that I read your review because it means there are options out there.
    Thank you so much and warm regards

    • Hey Rosie!

      It is hard to see your child compare themselves to others. Sounds like he is still progressing fine though. It’s weird seeing your child write and read for the first time. It’s the first real “where has my baby gone” moment!

      I live in Australia and although this is an American program I find that it builds on what he is learning at school. It helps my 5 year old to practice a lot which is half the battle at times. But you know what, half the time he doesn’t even realise he is learning because it is fun interactive games. Most of the time it’s mum can I play the iPad. And this is what he “plays”.

      It’s worth giving it a go. I am in the process of writing another page on reading eggs and sunshine online. These are other programs you may be interested in



  9. When I tried this program with my son, I didn’t feel like it helped him at all. Yet my daughter has a completely different learning style and I intend to try this out with her. I wonder if children with learning disabilities can benefit. If not, do you have any other recommendation of children’s learning software? I’m hoping this program keeps her attention. The main concern is keeping her focus enough to comprehend the information.

    • Hey Jheri 

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience!

      My eldest son has a learning disability and I never tried this program with him due to him also have low vision. There is other programs he uses at school and other special needs kids with ADHD and autism in his class also use these programs. They are reading eggs and sunshine online.

      I am in the process on writing a page on these 2 products as well.

      I like the reading eggs books for my son with a learning disability. The pictures are bright and the lettering is big enough for him to work it out.

      All you can do is try! If the program works then great if it doesn’t then it’s not for you and your family!

      Thanks again for stopping by! Be sure to come back and have a look at reading eggs.



  10. Hi there,
    Thanks for this great review and what a great programme to get these youngsters interested and involved in the school learning.
    I see from your post that it’s very colourful and entertaining, so this will have them really engaged and eager to get more of these tutorials.
    Along with this being a bit of fun for the kids, its also educational, so therefore its a win win all round.
    Thanks for the great review and best wishes
    Cheers Phil Browne.

    • Hi Phil

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes it is a great program and making it fun and interactive helps children want to engage with it more!



  11. This is a surprise-site! A surprise to me that it is already stimulating education via computer programs for children from 2…! As a grand father (grand daughter and grand son just over 1 and 3), who’s mum is a school teacher for children between 5 and 12. It looks like covering the fields these children might pick up some cherries from. It is wel organized, although I personally do not like to see the program prices on page one. My grand children like to watch children movies on the i-pat.First lessons will be at school from the age of 4. I agree that this site offering its services to children of this young(er) age fits in to day’s world. I am sure there is a market for it. Yet, being in NYC, I saw a young man (2 years “old”, I asked his father) who got mad, because swiping on his BOOK did not make it turn the page. What is your opinion on that?

    • Hi Johan

      Thanks for your comment!

      I do agree with you! We are living in a world where technology is basically taking over. 

      I find that this program is a good supplement to their learning! My children use this program but we use other methods as well. I don’t really let my children watch YouTube or play games that have no benefit to them. My 5 year old is in Kindergarten this year and he generally uses this program if he didn’t receive any homework that day or in school holidays where I want him to build on foundations he has learnt at school.

      My opinion on the situation with the 2 year old you mentioned is that parents should limit screen time for children. I mean yes we use this program but my children possibly use the iPad half an hour probably 3 times a week. My children are exposed to books, coloring in, posters, flash cards etc. The screen is not their only option. I think in this situation it is sad. Sadly there are some parents that use things such as iPads, phones, tablets etc as a babysitting device. But when used correctly and monitored it can be a very useful learning tool.

      There are a lot of schools and libraries in the US now integrating ABCMouse into their classrooms and learning environments as a means of teaching in a fun interactive way.

      Thanks again for visiting my site!



  12. What I really like about ABC Mouse is that it takes into consideration the attention span, and entertainment needs of that age group. It is much more productive to get your kids into an entertaining and educational program like this than to the boob tube! Parents take note! This program is great!

    • Hey Nik

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes I believe in this program and you are absolutely right! It engages children and allows them to explore and interact as well as learn!

      I believe that in this day and age, technology is developing and being used more and more, and when used right, it can be a very powerful educational resource!

      Thanks again for stopping by!



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